A good run, with a heavy heart.

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to say that my Dad passed away this weekend. This journal wouldn’t exist without the hard work that he put into the shack and all the years of keeping it going, alot of them without me.

Yvon Quesnel - 1933-2014

Yvon Quesnel – 1933-2014

Its kinda of funny how life is. He passed away the day the trees were at their peak running, and with family and friends collecting we didn’t miss a beat, which is the way he would have wanted it.

A good friend of ours wrote this for me. I have to say, it does indeed give me solace.

“The mighty maples mourn today…… Their sadness flows like tears to be harvested, rendered and transformed, much like the spirit of the man who cultivated, nurtured and harvested their bounty. Though our lives are measured like drops in a bucket, each is precious and capable of aspiring to leaving behind a legacy that continues on.”


That being said, we finished our second run last night. A total of 915 litres of sap which should give us 29 litres or so (6 gallons) of syrup. As expected, its a bit darker and more “maply” than the first run.






Our Maple selfie.. Thanks for all the help Joe.