Something in the way she moves, or looks my way, or calls my name.

So on a beautiful Sunday afermoon where the temp approached zero.. phew.. we set out to remove the flooring for the new rubber padding    Joe and Monique removed the old carpet and stuff and smoothed stuff out while Luc and I and then Denis and I put buckets up.

I’m gonna be honest and alot of tappers are gonna be mad.. but those guys bringing me buckets and lids….  work harder than me… but I get the cred.. lol.


We worked and then put in 58 taps today.. snow is about 2.5 feet really so breaking trail for us ole fellers is tough..  hahaha.

I started my day making sure that we would be warm up there, and had friends dropping and say “what you need”.. so its been a long day., sometimes I feel more like management that anything else. lol


OK.,..   today I also learned .. that Kentucky Fried Chicken can bring even the most despondent of men back to greatness!

So we cleaned up the shack, tapped some trees and then me and the ole lady chilled for a couple of drinks,.. and I remembered why we do this…..  good friends.

A big job was done on the shack today,, old carpet removed and the  floor leveled for new flooring tomorrow by Joe.  So. we attacked the season on two fronts.. Ready for flooring and we got 58 taps in.

I am quite fortunate to have a partner  in life that’s willing to fight with me and then put her feet up (as stinky as they are..) when we get these little reprieves.  Love ya baby.


OH!!   And we got Dads Memorial Cabinet installed as well!