Moniques 30th Bday. v 18.0

Finally Monique’s birthday month started! Always the bash of the year for us, this one was no exception.  Lots of family and fun till the wee hours of the night.  Even managed to bring Monique’s 85 years young mom up to the shack by custom sleigh, hand hauled by a an awesome grandson and a few lively buddies.  She said it was the ride of her life! A few sore heads in the morning but what a great time.

Did a maple syrup poker run,which created lots of laughs, with 20 or so participants! Will definitely become an annual part of the celebration.  Boiled a bit of ice sap to start syrup and enjoyed  crepes, beans, turkey, ham and some great pea soup!  Lots of  cousins, nieces, all the kids were home as well as their friends.  This is what the shack is all about!! Its a fortunate few that have this many great family and friends. We are blessed!