First Real Batch of 2015

Took a while but we managed to collect 975 litres of sap, enough for a good boil. Snow still on the ground but disappearing fast… everything is running really slow… poor start but we will make do!!! Odd year, but I’m beginning to think that there is no such thing as a normal year!

975 Litres of sap, down to 26.25 litres of syrup, Medium in color, a wee bit darker than normal for the first run. Giving us a 37:1 ratio which is a bit (slightly) higher than usual.

We used a preheater outside for the first time and it saved a ton of time.  I knew it would help, been thinking of doing it for years, but it shaved an entire day of the boil.. unbelievable!!

During the one day, the steam was so thick, it looked like we could see Dad sitting on the couch watching our progress.