Our second batch took a long time to come… nothing seemed to be running and I have heard rumors of other shacks giving up and removing their buckets.  We collected 705 litres from 433 taps, poor results really. Monique and I gathered enough to get the vats going in the morning on Friday evening. In the morning, it was like a maple miracle was occurring, not only were the trees running, but I did a quick trip across the property and it turns out that ALL the trees are running and running hard at that. Kind of neat to stand in the middle of a bunch of buckets and have them all dripping fast enough you could hear it clear as day.

If the week ahead is good, we should get one last batch in on what would otherwise be a disappointing year. Katie came out to help and we were done collecting by mid afternoon.

Luc also came in and installed a kickass fan in the steam duct!  Its like night and day now. No more condensation in the shack, everything is dry and nothing is damp anymore!

Final tally – 705 litres down to 21.1 litres of syrup. Much better 33.4:1 ratio.