S A P A G E D D O N !

HOLY CRAP…   I dunno what else to say… collected a bit Friday night to start the vats on Saturday morning…  there was alot.  Took all day to collect everything… I think that this is more.. well I know that this more sap than we’ve ever had before… Hard to count cause we had to find anything we could store sap in…  but i think its upwards of 1700 litres…  well see a final count.  Today we’ve put 900 litres in and will finish the batch.. and start a second boils off the rest tomorrow.  LOL.. when it rains it pours.

We’re running outta wood, Luc had to cut some dry standing maple and pine today to keep the fires going.

Finished the batch on Sunday  .. used about half the sap we had.  Figured we used 900 litres of sap so we should come in with at least 20 litres of syrup.  We should be taking the buckets down and finishing the last batch Wednesday.

Joe also found this really interesting story of the maple mafia!!

A Maple Syrup Rebellion is Growing in Quebec

I almost forgot to add that we had two sets of visitors today, our good friends the Goulards came over with the kids and put them to work.. they had fun! And our friends Dave and Linda Smits as well! ( we were too busy shooting the breeze to get pictures..)