Tapping out!

OK, thats it… picked up another 30 15 litres jugs for a total of 1200 litres of sap for this batch. Took the buckets off yesterday while picking up, its plus 18 C right now and feels like summer… the shack is some hot now!!!

This was a strange year.. looked like it was going to be awful and then we wind up making more than ever before. Just goes to show you what ten days of proper temperature cycling will do for a run. When I was picking up the buckets alot were still running but its time to call it a season… There’s empty buckets and containers everywhere.. shack looks like a hurricane hit it.

This last batch looks very dark as usual, the syrup gets darker as the season goes on for us, and this is always my favourite, thick, dark and VERY mapley.  31 litres of syrup.

We are right out of wood so the work towards next years season will begin almost immediately.

I think, well I’m sure, this will be the largest batch ever, my previous one was 24l. This should be at least that much.

Ill update this post in a few days with a final tally for the year.

And of course many thanks to Joe and Luc.
Monique and I couldn’t have done it without you guys!

IMG_3065 (Medium)

Our tally sheets for the year… so I dont loose them again.