Batch 2 – running out of fuel.

Our new prewarmer, we call it "The Luke"

Our new prewarmer, we call it “The Luke”

Well we finished batch #2 and yes were running out of fuel.. lol.. well I am running out of fuel. I’m glad there’s a cold snap putting a stop to things cause both Monique and I need a few days to recuperate from the last several days of festivities. This batch was a week long affair with visitors from Ottawa (The Thompsons) , St. Catherine’s (Lisa) and a couple visits from Subdury (Ray and Sonya) along with countless dropins. LOL.. Those jugs of wine of Luc’s are sure taking a beating, and the crepes were flying! When all was said and done we collected around 1,125 litres of sap for a total of 29.75 litres of really nice syrup. This gave us an average of 38:1 which is quite good, the general rate is 40 to 43:1. Its a great nice medium coloured batch, pretty much prefect.

IMG_0269 (Medium)I even had to take my laptop up to the shack to try and get some work done in between feeding the boiler with wood and sap!  We also managed to get a new prewarmer designed, my original design with modifications from Luc and Joe. Now its time to make preparations for our yearly Birthday party for The Queen of the North Monique, this year its her 30th birthday for the 19th time!

Here are some photos from our various devices, lol

Oh!! and a special shout out to Monique.. who managed to do THIS to my ATV!!

IMG_0292 (Medium)