Wasn’t that a PARTY!!

Well Moniques 19th 30th birthday party came and went, What a great event .  Standing at the bon-fire with 7 great friends from high school had to be the highlite of the night.  Nothing ever changes .. It was a hard walk home lol  right Carl?? 35 years or so is a lot of water under the bridge.

The next day we wound up finishing 15l of primo syrup form what i figure was about 585 litres  (39 15l containers) which gave us a 39:1 ratio which is standard.  There was so much food chili, lasagna, maple leaf cakes, pea soup, ham, maple garlic ribs,  sweet cookies crepes  and much more!!   44 people came throughout the day and it was great!! Made taffy for the kids.. soo much to do!!