1st Batch and a PARTY!!!

Well what a weekend, as we celebrated one of Moniques major milestones.. lol.. Ill leave it at that we managed to bring in 840l of sap which gave us an end result of 22l of primo syrup!! (38.5:1) Friends from everywhere showed up, Ottawa, Montreal, Sudbury, Barrie, Cobourg and we had a blast, guitars and banjos played through the nite, lol.. even if I did manage to put myself to bed early..LOL Kids had their fill of Taffy and the grown ups got their fill of everything else. Supper as usual was amazing Crepes, Beans, Ribs. Stew, Turkey, Ham, Lasagna, Pea Soup, DESERTS, and Salads!!  Thanks to everyone who came through the day!!

Oh ya.. grand total… 403 Taps!!